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Enjoying the snow

Living life to the fullest et Le Collet

Learn to ski, snowshoe, search for animal tracks, ski touring, tobogganing, Snake Gliss, enjoy the snow in all its greatest and most unusual forms.

Surpass and

surprise yourself

Live your first gliding emotions and sensations. Standing straight on your skis for the first time. And then launching yourself and taking advantage of the freshly fallen snow to make your first turns. Listen to the instructor’s advice and tell yourself that soon you too will be able to pass your test for a first star. Individual lessons, group lessons, training courses or skiing in powder snow, experience the mountain intensely.

Conquering the


Leave early in the morning when the resort is not yet open. Go up the slopes in authorised areas. Reach the ridge of the Plagnes, the Col de Claran and enjoy the wide slopes in an atmosphere at the top of the world. Take in the view and admire the surrounding massifs such as the Aravis or Mont-Blanc ranges. Fill your lungs with fresh air, take a big breath of oxygen, for a few hours or a whole day. Contemplate why not continuing the adventure and spending a few nights in a refuge. Enjoy the snow in its wildest form.

Unusual gliding


Ski joëring, hurtling down the slopes of the resort on a snakegliss, on an airboard, enjoying the snow in an unusual way. An end of the day with the setting sun as a backdrop and the slopes free from skiers. Hurtling down the slopes on crazy machines, alone or in a series of tangled sledges. Hanging on as tight as you can, getting snow in your face, narrowly missing being ejected in the turns, and above all laughing. Spend an extraordinary moment enjoying the snow in a different way.



activities together

Enjoy the snow with your family. Doing sports or fun activities together. Sledging, watching sledge dogs and discovering their world, being attentive to animal tracks in the snow. Finding activities to share together as a family and creating memorable memories. Bending to observe the tracks in the snow, becoming a musher. Diversifying experiences and emotional moments. Be surprised by the most precious things snow has on offer.

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The best addresses for a family stay

Eating, sleeping… it’s the crux when you go away as a family! Relax: the selected accommodations guarantee you a stay with your children in complete peace and quiet. As for the restaurants, they do everything they can to make your life easier!