Learning to ski

Making your first turns on skis

Do you want to learn how to ski or take lessons to improve your skills?  Le Collet resort is the ideal place to learn how to ski for young and old alike. Its beginner’s area and its numerous medium level slopes make this place ideal for basic skiing techniques.

Le Collet, the ideal resort

to leave your first traces in the snow

The ski school

There is nothing like going through a ski school to successfully learn how to ski. With trained instructors who teach you basic and advanced techniques, learning how  to ski is done very quickly.

Individual lessons, group lessons, piou-piou clubs, everyone can find their ideal formula to learn how to ski.

  • The piou-piou club: generally for children 2 to 3 years of age  is ideal for teaching your children to ski. The snow stadium has a magic carpet and a ski school lift to make learning how to ski easier and more fun.

    Skiing for 4-12 year-olds : given on the Super Collet part of the resort, the ski lessons for 4-12 year-olds are perfect to make their ski learning a success.


    Skiing for teenagers and gold star adults: the adrenaline package: 6 days of intense skiing to learn how to ski on all types of terrain. 50% adrenaline, 30% exploit and 20% belly laughs. An extreme version of learning how to ski.

Are you only staying for a week? Opt for the intensive lesson packages. It’s the best way to make quick progress and succeed in learning how to ski.

Individual lessons or group lessons?

When learning how to ski, the choice between individual or group lessons is a recurring topic. Both have their advantages.

  • Individual lessons: this formula is very practical in terms of time, as it has fewer restrictions. It is also necessary for those who have no notions of skiing at all. An instructor explains the basic techniques to learn how to ski step by step.

    Group lessons: group lessons are perfect to improve your technique. In a small group, the pace is more sustained than in individual lessons. Both children and adults are pulled up by the strength of the group.

Whatever your age and level, it is imperative to rely on professionals to learn how to ski successfully. Your progress will be greater.

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