The Ski Area

3 sectors, 27 ski runs

Situated at an altitude of 1450 metres, the ski area of the Le Collet resort attracts skiers of all levels. It even allows you to ski at night from 8 pm to 10 pm, on Tuesdays during French Christmas holidays and on Fridays evenings the rest of the time, both days during French February vacations. This is also the value of Le Collet which is considered to be the largest night skiing area in Europe. Now, let’s take you on a tour of the ski resort slopes…


3 sectors

Le Super Collet, Pré Rond, Malatrait

The ski area of Le Collet is divided into 3 sectors and has 27 runs for 35 km of skiing. 35 % of the runs are blue and there are almost as many green runs as red runs. 15 % are black runs.

Le Super Collet 

  •  Located at an altitude of 1640 m, the Super Collet is considered the heart of the resort. Thanks to its numerous infrastructures such as the ESF kindergarten, the ESF, the toboggan run, it is very suitable for day skiing and for families of skiing fans.


  • Allowing you to ski at 1540 m, Prérond will pleases you with its wooded area, its tranquillity and friendly atmosphere. Skiers are seduced by the slopes that wind between the fir trees.


  • This part of the ski area is the gateway to the ski area at 1450 m. For beginners, this part provides an excellent area to get started. This is also where you will find the equipment rental shops.

Before you hit the slopes, have a look at Le Collet’s snow coverage or get a live preview of the weather conditions with the Le Collet’s webcams. Skiing in good conditions is always more pleasant.

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