Paragliding flight

Doing your first flight

Flying over the peaks of the Massif de Belledonne, overlooking the lakes, rising up in the air on the warm air currents, paragliding over Le Collet remains an unforgettable moment.

Survoler le pays d’Allevard

Paragliding over Le Collet provides breathtaking views of the Mont-Blanc massif, the Chartreuse or the Bauges. The Pays d’Allevard is a fabulous area for paragliding. Under your feet, as you glide, you can discover the valley of Haut Breda, the peak of the Belle-Etoile, the Crozet mountain or the Cluse de Chambéry.

Paragliding at Le Collet above all means leaving everyday life behind and feeling nothing but lightness.

Doing your first flight

When you are offered your first paragliding experience at Le Collet, there are 2 solutions: either you jump for joy, you dreamed of that moment, or your stomach gets knotted, but whatever. And yet! Don’t you want to feel free, to no longer feel weighed down? Paragliding at Le Collet is above all cutting yourself off completely from everyday life and feel nothing but lightness.

Many people dream of learning to fly paragliders, but don’t dare to take the step. And yet, what a wonderful way to surpass yourself. Learning to paraglide during your stay at Le Collet is above all about mastering flying techniques. After learning how to manage your equipment on the lighter slopes, fear is a thing of the past. It only gives way to excitement and the irresistible desire to go further.

Why is it fun?
It's a real eye-opener
Flying like a bird
Surpassing yourself