Enjoy the snow in après-ski

Ski nocturne Le Collet

For snow sports enthusiasts, going up to nearby ski resorts or going on a skiing holiday is a real relaxing time. Unfortunately with busy schedules and family life, it is sometimes difficult to find time to go skiing on days off. Skiing at night on Friday nights at Le Collet is an opportunity not to be missed.

An unforgettable experience


Why don't you go night skiing at Le Collet on Friday night?

Off-beat skiing

It is true that the matter of the alarm clock has been solved and that you will have much less waiting time at the chairlifts. Also, 3 chairlifts and 2 ski lifts will have you reach the ten illuminated slopes of Le Collet to go skiing at night.

Going skiing in the weekend is sometimes a real Chinese puzzle. You often have to wake everyone up at dawn if you want to be on the slopes by 9am. If you are not on site with accommodation at Le Collet, you have to add the journey time to cover the 40 kilometres from the valley.

Enjoy a different atmosphere

The sensations are totally different than during the day and the atmosphere is really special. The fact that there are fewer people on the slopes creates a certain intimacy between skiers. At Le Collet, you will ski at night in a good mood, paying particular attention to the other skiers. More attentive, you will more easily feel like helping the unlucky ones. This nocturnal atmosphere is conducive to fun. 

Apart from having the largest night skiing area in Europe, Le Collet, these night skiing times are a real attraction. Once or twice a week depending on the period (every Friday and Tuesday during the February holidays), the resort lights up at night. At a time when everyone is at home, the mountain belongs to us. Alone – or almost – on the slopes of the Collet night domain, everything will seem possible. You feel totally invincible.

And for all the frustrated people who can’t come skiing during the day because of work, forgetting the pressure of customers and office files on the night slopes is simply glorious.

Why is it fun?
A novel idea for an outingwith family or friends
Restaurants open until midnight
Unique snow sliding sensations!