Paco the squirrel

The mascot of Le Collet

Paco is well known at the Collet, he is THE resort mascot. This very friendly squirrel watches over the resort religiously. He reassures children who are not yet comfortable on their boards, he gives information about the state of the slopes and always makes friends with children and adults alike by giving out big hugs. You can easily recognise him by his beautiful red fur.

Skiing with Paco

Do your children want to ski with Paco, the mascot of Le Collet? Don’t worry, find him on the ski slopes. He will guide you to the slopes of the resort and might make a few turns with you. You can’t miss him on the slopes with his red fur. He criss-crosses the resort from slope to slope for everyone’s enjoyment.

Paco the Mascot is everyone’s friend in the resort. He can be found at many events in the resort. He is never far away when it comes to having fun or partying.

Paco tests night skiing

If, like Paco, you want to experience new skiing sensations, try night skiing. Le Collet is one of the biggest resorts in the department equipped for night skiing. Paco says it’s a great feeling to approach the slopes under a magnificent light.

Cuddly times

Of course Paco the mascot doesn’t just ski. For the little ones, he gives out lots of hugs. Big kisses, selfies, your children will love these moments of tenderness with the one who will quickly become their best friend during your ski holiday.

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