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Mulled wine by night at the top of Claran

A delicious and comforting break

Although the Collet resort is a lively resort proposing many activities, you should not believe that when night comes, everything comes to a halt. On the contrary! How about a mulled wine at night at the top of Claran? Although this may seem surprising, it remains a must-do activity at the resort of Le Collet.

Have a

nice glass of mulled wine

The highlight of snowshoe outings 

Whereas some people appreciate the “little glass of mulled wine” before going down the ski slopes, it is still on the return from a snowshoe outing that it will be most valued and appreciated. This flavour that warms you up when you come back from a walk, the little touch of cinnamon, mulled wine at night at the top of Claran is an unmissable experience during a holiday at Le Collet.

Truly tasty and comforting, this most delicate drink will make you forget the icy air that will grab you during your night outings.

Comfort at the top

The Col du Claran is a leading hiking destination. It remains very easily accessible from the Super Collet trails. So, whereas some of you enjoy a fondue cauldron at the end of your snowshoe outing, nothing stops you from warming up with a glass of mulled wine.


*Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, to be consumed in moderation.


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