Azimut tree-top park

Thanks to the diversity of its tree-trails, the Collet tree-top park is adapted to everyone. The marcassin course: for the very young. A course is at about 1 meter above the ground and has to be supervised by parents. The hare is a course for the more agile, it’s standing at 5 meters above ground and is a “Blue” course for first-time adventurers. The chamois is a “Red” course for the most intrepids, at 15 meters above the ground. But the Collet tree-top adventure Park also offers other modules to boost your adrenalin. If you’re not afraid of zip-lines of course ! Are you sure you’re up to the challenge of the Buzzard course, where 7 zip lines are waiting for you ?

More than just a place to relax, the Azimuts adventure Park is first and foremost a place for sharing moments. Whether you’re with family or friends, come and share a moment of thrill and excitement together. Evolve on the courses in complete safety thanks to the lifelines, and laugh together at passages on which you do not look so proud. Clear this obstacle with the support of your friends and family, and come out of this expedition with your head high. Take on the progressively more difficult courses, sweat a little, push yourself a little more, get your guts out, but above all, have fun and make memories !

In addition to offering you a fun and sporting activity, the tree-top Park is also a nature outing. The high adventure course offers total immersion in a magnificent forest in the Grésivaudan mountain. Enjoy the scenery and breathe and release tensions. While you’re suspended on your zip line, don’t forget to look at the beautiful landscapes. The panorama is simply breathtaking. From up there, you’ll have a breathtaking view of the surrounding massifs. The Vercors, the Chartreuse – although it’s a very quick climb, the view is well worth the detour. And for those with a fear of heights, the Marmottes you relax with a book in the Marmottes resting net, for example, and simply admire the landscape. Whether you’re intrepid or not, come and enjoy this new adventure course together. There will be those who play the adventurers, and those who take photos. But one thing’s for sure: you’ll all come back in the evening happy that you shared a great day out.