Le Collet

The family resort

At the heart of the Massif de Belledonne, the resort of Le Collet is intended to be a resort for families. People come here to discover the joys of snow sports, to share intense moments, to take their first steps on the snowy slopes, to enjoy mountain dishes. People come to Le Collet, the family resort, simply to have a good time.



Le collet

Pampers families

Quiet, small structures, slopes for beginners, outings, activities. A winning cocktail to come skiing with your family.

A playground for all

Le Collet resort is a real playground for children and adults alike. A beginner’s area is fully dedicated to those who want to learn how to ski. Moving walkways, educational ski lift: nobody is left out. The piou piou area assists the youngest learning to ski. For the older ones, the ski school competitions are as fun as they are sporty.

Paco the Mascot

Undoubtedly, the children’s friend is Paco the Mascot. Paco is always there to share good times or to come and ski with you in the afternoons. He is not stingy with hugs and selfies either.

On the slopes, hurry up, he might go down the slope much faster than you. But he keeps excellent shared times for everyone.

Activities to do as a family

At Le Collet or in the surrounding area, you will be able to find many activities to spend good times with your family. Snowshoe hikes to discover animal tracks, ski joëring with ponies, snakegliss, or simply throwing snowballs and rolling around in the snow, the winter activities at Le Collet are shared with the family.


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