Horacio The Tetras itinerary

Easy and fun!

It’s new, and you’re going to love it: come and discover Horacio’s itinerary, designed for family fun in an offbeat world, while learning about the Collet environment in a fun way. Who will overcome all the obstacles in their path? It’s up to you, adventurers!


A strange animal

Fun, smiles and pleasure – these are some of the sensations that punctuate this brand-new itinerary, which will delight kids and parents alike. A whole new world designed for fun skiing and discovering hidden treasures that surround our beautiful resort. It’s a sporting and educational experience that will to take your breath away. Symbolized by Horacio Señor Tétras Lyre, the emblematic bird of the Alps, and his group of animal friends from Le Collet, discover a world of a thousand and one surprises that will surprise you as much as it will amuse you. The Horacio le Tetras itinerary is ideal for the whole family, and is perfect for beginners, who won’t have any difficulty skiing down the itinerary. It is the perfect way to fill up your mind with good memories and has been designed with educational discovery in mind: to immerse yourself in the resort’s environment and develop an awareness campaign to protect Le Collet’s heritage.

Skis firmly attached to boots, helmet securely fastened to head, goggles on, you’re ready to hit the new Tétras Délire Park fun trail, but do you know what’s in store for you? Meet the animals of the Collet As you hurtle down this fun trail, you’ll meet a few locals on the slopes – and we don’t mean the ski instructors! No, on Horacio the Black Grouse’s itinerary you’ll come across Horacio accompanied by Valentina Señora Tétras Lyre (Poupoule for her friends), Black Grouse and king of the air at Collet, keeping the slopes calm. You’ll also meet Romeo the Fox, who knows the flora and fauna of the Alps inside out! As you make your way along the trail, you’ll meet Jacques, Jacqueline and their marmot Jacquot, a friendly family of marmots. Of course, never far away when it comes to having fun, you’ll find our beloved Paco the squirrel, Le Collet’s mascot. And last but not least, you’re sure to come face to face with Eliot, always ready… he’s the sportsman of the gang. He jumps, he runs, there’s no stopping him.

A course full of surprises, of course, we’ve tried to challenge you, otherwise this trail wouldn’t be as fun and sporty as it is. In the course of your playful escapade, you’ll try to go through the obstacles full of surprises slipped in by Horacio and his acolytes. We’d rather not say too much and let you discover them for yourself. See you this winter on this new fun trail, accessible via the lake’s lifts (beginners) and on the edge of the green run.

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