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Descents by torchlight

A colourful show

Whether you’re a skier or just a spectator, the descent by torchlight is a must in the life of a resort. Organised by the ESF ski instructors, it is more than a show, it is a real communion between all the participants.



The slopes light up

In every ski resort, the moment of the descent by torchlight is an eagerly awaited event. The ski instructors lead their students to the top of the slopes and form a line of torches that illuminate the slopes at nightfall, creating a truly magical spectacle.

The get-together takes place on the snow front, not far from the ski school. This is where everyone can buy their torch or lantern. For some, it is the first experience of night skiing, which could spark a wish to live the experience on a larger scale. This is the perfect place to enjoy night skiing!

After the descent, the party goes on: the instructors put on a show and everyone goes for it to their own agility and talent. The watchword: have fun and share an excellent moment.

Take part or just watch every week during the school holiday weeks. And when the descent is over, come and share a friendship toast with a mulled wine or a hot chocolate.

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