Le Collet - Vue sur le Mont Blanc depuis le sommet de Claran
©Vue sur le Mont Blanc depuis le sommet de Claran
Not to be missed

The top of Claran

360° view

The skiing area of the resort of Le Collet is huge. Therefore it provides many slopes and routes to treat yourself and enjoy the ski slopes. Everyone will appreciate the scenery and fully enjoy its beauty. Nevertheless, if there is one place not to be missed on the ski area it is the top of the Claran chairlift.


Reaching the top of Claran

Make yourself comfortable in your chair and enjoy the ride up to admire the scenery. Make the most of it, as it will only take you about ten minutes from the departure station at Super Collet at 1640 metres to reach the top of the Claran chairlift at 2090 metres. Only about ten minutes to reach the tops by chairlift and enjoy fully. Of course, the frantic skiers will want to take off very quickly on the blue run of the Dahu, while the others will take the time to savour their arrival from the resort and enjoy the snowy landscapes.

Take your time at the top of the Claran chairlift 

The top of the Claran chairlift is of course the top of the resort, but it is also a great place to take a break and savour the moment. Enjoy the panorama with a 360 degree view. At the top of the Claran chairlift, the view of the surrounding massifs is both surprising and breath-taking. For example, there is no better place to admire the Mont-Blanc. Standing majestic in the background, it proudly displays its immaculate dome.

Of course, in front of such beauty, photos are a must. Whether you are taking a selfie or a group photo, the snowy peaks in the background are bound to be magnificent. Unless you prefer a panoramic view.

From the top of the Claran chairlift, you can also watch paragliders soar over the area. And if you take the time to follow the tracks in the snow with your eyes, chances are you’ll see snowshoe hikers or ski tourers.

Eating and drinking at the top of the Claran 

Is the sun shining brightly? How about taking advantage of it to take a lunch break and have a picnic in front of the Mont-Blanc? Take off your skis, find a secure area out of the way of skiers and enjoy the scenery and the magnificent view you also have over the valley.

With such a landscape in front of your eyes, your sandwich and orange will have never tasted so good.


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