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For all those who practice hiking and who like to discover beautiful landscapes, the Col de Claran is a leading destination for many routes from Le Collet. Easily accessible from magnificent mountain pastures, it provides a grandiose panorama of the surrounding massifs.

Breath-taking panoramas

Although it is often said that “the mountain wins you over”, it is clear that this saying takes on its full meaning with the Col de Claran. After a few hours’ walking from the bottom of the Le Collet resort, the reward is there when you discover the magnificent view of the Vercors, Chartreuse and Bauges Massifs and their emblematic peaks. Of course, Mont-Blanc is no exception to the rule and offers itself majestically to the brave hikers.

An easily accessible pass

Overlooked by the tops of the Petit and Grand Charnier, the Col de Claran is easily accessible. Located at 1956 m, it is the culmination of a delightful ascent in the mountain pastures. As it has its own Alpine pasture chalet, it gives you the opportunity to the chalet de la Pierre du Carre and take the path to go back down to the Super Collet and Le Collet.

Ideas for loops

With its 1956 m and its location at the top of mountain pastures, the Col de Claran is often a place of passage in the hiking loops from Le Collet. The view that it offers being one of the most majestic, it is also a walking destination. The opening of the chairlifts in summer even allows you to reach it with the Claran chairlift. In any case, hikers find it in their circuits.

  • Boucles des Plagnes – path 2000 – Col de Claran : this hike starting from the Super Collet via the Col de l’Occiput provides a 7km loop. You then take the path 2000 with its 15 stations before continuing to the Col de Claran.
  • The Grand Charnier via the Eveque ridge: a hike to the Grand Charnier is a must from Le Collet. By taking the Eveque ridge, it is possible to reach the Col de Claran very easily.

The Col de Claran is one of the most emblematic passes around Le Collet, so much so that it has even given its name to a chairlift. The view from the top is so magnificent that it is well worth the effort and hours of walking.

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