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Admiring the Mont Blanc

The highest top in Europe

Le Collet is one of those privileged places where you can admire the Mont-Blanc from its peaks. With its position as a balcony resort and its 360° panoramic view of the Grésivaudan valley, it will not be difficult for you to see, in the distance, on the Savoy region side, the majestic silhouette of the most symbolic of the Alpine peaks.

The roof of Europe

4808m altitude

Admiring the Mont-Blanc from the peaks

Hiking enthusiasts know it well, from the various Collet passes you can see the Mont-Blanc. It is a must during a stay at Le Collet.

At the Col de l’Occiput and Col de Claran, the most easily accessible, the Mont-Blanc rises in its white dress and will leave you contemplative. It must be said that with its 4808 metres, it is pretty impressive. The view will leave you speechless, as is still an exceptional sight. If the weather conditions are favourable, you can’t miss it. In summer, its white mass is unmistakable and in winter, you will easily recognise its rounded dome. And anyway, you can’t go wrong, it is the highest peak in the area.

Activities conducive to contemplation

At Le Collet, many activities will allow you to admire the Mont-Blanc. All you have to do is climb a little and you’ll see it standing out in the distance.

Walking, mountain biking, or simply taking the chairlift,…once you reach the tops, you will see it. Take a break and admire the landscape. After all, you have to take the time to enjoy and immortalise that unique moment, so don’t forget your camera.

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