Scooting down the tracks on an (all terrain) TT scooter


In summer, the mountain is definitely the favourite playground of mountain bikers. Taking the steep bends, going down the trails on the ski slopes, taking steep passages in the forest, is all well and good, but it becomes too usual. This year’s programme is to hurtle down the slopes on a TT scooter.

An activity

for young and old

The first thing you can say when you ride down the slopes of Le Collet on a TT scooter is that it’s a surprising activity. A daring mix of skiing and mountain biking, riding a TT scooter on the slopes requires control and agility.

Although the grip is easy, the first few moments require concentration to find your balance. In addition, hurtling down the slopes on a TT scooter requires speed control.

Tackling all terrains

Once the few minutes of apprehension are over, you quickly realise that in the end the TT scooter remains very safe. The large wheels give it much more stability than you might think. Thus, the bumps, roots, grass on the tracks, hollows, reliefs, are only small obstacles. The good brakes on the models also make it possible to ride down the tracks on a TT scooter in complete safety. Take off down the slope. What strikes you is the lightness and manoeuvrability, so very quickly you get your bearings. Bending your knees, leaning slightly in a bend, in the end scooting down the slopes on a TT scooter is easy-peasy…

This is an excellent activity that can be shared with the family, provided that the children are taller than 1m30, 1m40.

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