Le Collet

The family resort

Perched on the Belledonne mountain range, the resort of Le Collet is intended as the resort for families who want to experience the mountain in summer. People come here to discover the joys of hiking, to share intense moments, to make their first mountain bike descents on grassy slopes, to taste mountain dishes. You come to Le Collet, the family resort simply to have a good time.


Le Collet

Pampers families

At Le Collet, we do everything like the big boys:

  • We strive to give you a personalised welcome…
  • We provide activities for all
  • Activities to do without parents
  • A first-aid station for little worries.
  • Hospitality for the little ones

The mountain differently

For many people, the mountain means winter, skiing. But, the mountain is also summer, like at Le Collet. Cross the pastures to get closer to the peaks, to go looking for prairie dogs, ibexes or simply to discover the flora. Le Collet in summer means taking the time to do outdoor activities with your family, to go in the region to have a picnic at the lake de Mirande or the lake de la Terrace.

Nature activities

In summer, at Le Collet in this beautiful family resort, it is possible to do many nature activities. If weather permits, why not rent scooters and take a few descents on the grassy slopes or on the forest trails? Unless you prefer traditional mountain bikes or electric mountain bikes? For all the hiking fans, get hold of the map of walks and hikes in Belledonne that you can find at the tourist information centres of Le Collet and Allevard, good shoes and go for a walk for a breath of fresh air. From the family-friendly resort of Le Collet, you can, for example, go to the Refuge de la pierre du Carre, Les Mouilles in a forest environment and many others.

In summer unite with nature!

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