Having fun with snake gliss

Snow sports and fun!

When night falls on the slopes of Le Collet, once all the skiers are back home, a strange animal takes over the slopes. With its disarticulated body, which may or may not lengthen depending on the number of sledges, this crazy serpent slides to everyone’s delight. Snakegliss down the slopes in the evening allows you to experience amazing sensations and to share them with family or friends.

A strange animal

If at first glance we think that this strange serpent is not terrifying, it rocks hard in the powdered snow. Having fun with snakegliss becomes a must at the Le Collet resort. At 400 metres, this serpent descends the slopes at a fast pace, shaking us in all directions for the greatest fun of children and adults alike.

Frankly, it’s nothing like a simple toboggan run. With snakegliss, thrills and sensations are tenfold.


Choose your place well

During the first descent in snakegliss, you tell yourself that the place doesn’t matter, that it is the same everywhere. Nothing could be further from the truth! The choice your place on this crazy snakegliss is essential. Do you think that you are the most exposed at the front, that it is the place to avoid? Think again! Apart from a few splashes of snow, this is the quietest part of the spiral. Do you think that if you sit at the back you will be protected by the others? Mummmmmp! Nope. It’s at the back that you’re the most shaken up and that you’re going to shudder most in the turns. And yes, the longer the spiral, the least control and stability. But it’s also what is the most fun of snakegliss.

Let’s summarise: not very daring mum and little sister sit down at the front, as close as possible to the instructor, for a tranquil descent. Dad and the daredevil twins sit at the back, but be careful, it will jump, it will turn and there is no guarantee that you won’t find yourself with your nose in the snow. But that’s what it’s all about, a snakegliss descent!

See you on the slopes at closing time!

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