Speed riding:

Experience new sensations

Do you love the world of gliding and intense sensations? Have you already tried paragliding and have a good level of skiing? Then it’s high time you tried speed riding. This discipline combines piloting in contact with the snow and flying trajectories out of contact. Thanks to a mini sail, you can alternate between flying and skiing. The aim is to go as fast as possible while staying on the ground, equipped with a harness, skis and a mini glider based on the principle of paragliding. Thanks to this new sport, you’ll be able to demonstrate your agility in ski jumps, or get to certain off-piste areas more safely.

A new activity


Freeride enthusiasts will sure love trying speed riding in Le Collet. This activity opens up a whole new world of thrilling sensations. Once you start it, you will quickly learn to play with the terrain. Just like freeriders, it’s easy to try out a few tricks: touch the slope then go. It is skiing mixed with snowkiting. It’s your turn to experience the new sensations of skiing between sky and snow!

How do I go speed riding?

Like all disciplines that offer new sensations, speed riding requires mastery. That’s why you can practice speed riding in beginner or advanced mode. The Collet organizes discovery or advanced courses to enable you to practice speed riding in complete safety. These mini-courses are aimed at all those who want to become more autonomous in speed riding. You don’t need to have previous knowledge on how to handle a wing to be able to practice speedriding. However, as this new sport involves acrobatics on skis, it is recommended that you have a good level of skiing, particularly in powder snow. Indeed, this sport is practiced with a mini glider that you have to learn how to handle. That’s why, if you don’t know anything about speed riding, it’s best to be supervised by a professional.

Why is it fun?
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