Snow sports and fun!

We don’t always think about it, but sledging is one of those simple pleasures that can be shared with the whole family. How can you resist the laughter of children hurtling down the slopes? And how can you resist the giggles as the sled flips over? Since the dawn of time, sledding has been a way of bringing parents and children together.

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Let’s go! today is sledding day for the whole family! So, all bundled up and well equipped, you’re ready for a wild ride down the slopes. The Collet resort offers 2 sledging spots: Pré-Rond and Super collet areas. At Pré-Rond, the sledding run is at the foot of the slopes, not far from the Marmottons ski lift. Away from the other ski lifts, it offers safe descents. In Le Super Collet: like the Pré-Rond sector, the piste offers a safe sledging area. It’s the ideal activity for families. Thanks to these safe and fun areas, you’ll be able to have a lot of fun. And yes, that’s the joy of the mountains too. Being satisfied with the simplest pleasures.

Forgot your sled? Don’t worry, you’ll find everything you need in the resort’s shops. For example, the Intersport store next to the Tufs chairlift on Malatrait lets you rent sleds. And you don’t have to hire “competition” sledges to get your adrenaline flowing. The Collet sledding areas are steep and well groomed enough to give you the thrills. But choose your model carefully. After all, sledging is a lot more fun when there are two of you in the sled at Le Collet. Especially if Dad or Mom are driving.

For your children, the luge outing at Le Collet is a source of excitement. On the one hand, there’s the thrill of hurtling down the slopes at full speed, and on the other, that moment of apprehension due to that same speed. So how do you make the most of your sledding activity at Le Collet? Simply by ticking all the boxes: weather, safety, choice of slope and equipment. As far as equipment is concerned, as we’ve seen, you can rent your own sled. But don’t forget to hire helmets for safety. When it comes to choosing your sled, make sure it’s age-appropriate. The same applies to the choice of the area you choose: steep enough, but not too steep if the children are very small. Dress your children with waterproof clothing and footwear, do not forget to make them wear gloves as well. Yes, sledging often gets you wet. There’s only one thing left to consider: the weather. Choose a sunny day. It’s always much more pleasant. Now you’re all set, and it’s off to the races on the Collet toboggan runs!

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