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Discover the mountain in snow class

The kids are thrilled!

Comfortably seated in the bus, the departure time is approaching. Direction l’Isère and the Le Collet resort to discover the mountain in snow class. Behind a smile to our friends, our hearts are heavy as we look at Mum and Dad from the bus window. And yet…this week will surely be the most beautiful of the school year. Learning to ski, doing many activities, going crazy in the snow. A week in snow class that will go by too fast.


in snow fun

In snow class, we ski, but not only that… It is also the privileged week where we come to enjoy the pleasures of the snow. It’s the week when you fill up on activity. Snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, dog sledding and tobogganing: the chance to discover the mountain from all angles. Of course we laugh, we roll in the snow, we throw snowballs at each other. In the evening, we go to bed exhausted but happy having filled up with oxygen and emotions…

Passing your first stars

With a number over your ski, a race traced and tried several times and the start signal. A descent where you have to surpass yourself, to do as well as your friends and get your star. Not making any mistakes to pass the test, to come back with your head held high and show off your star everywhere. Above all, you can tell yourself that you’ve done it, that you’re proud of what you’ve achieved. A race you will talk about with your friends with pride.

Stock up on beautiful images

Discovering the mountain in snow class is stocking up on beautiful images. The sunsets over the Chartreuse massif, the mountain lakes and the Mont Blanc in particular, at the far end of the Tarentaise valley. During this week full of emotion, you will have taken a lot of beautiful pictures. From the top of the slopes at 2400 metres, the panorama will remain engraved on your memory for a long time.


Other wishes?

Experiencing the mountains, doing activities with your family, moving in the open air…be carried away by your wishes for moments of relaxation to be shared together.

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