Learning how to ski

Making your first tracks at Le Collet

It is one of those experiences you will never forget. The first time the small wheels were taken off the bike. The first time we dived into the big pool. The first time you got your first A. Learning to ski is one of those great first times.




Snowplough or sculling

Have fun on your boards

Learning to ski, whether you are an adult or a child, is a great experience. Alone on the boards, facing those slopes that look so steep, you have to take the plunge. Although children experience it like daredevils, for adults it can be a great challenge. First of all, you need to find your balance on those 2 wooden planks that are just waiting to each go in different directions. You need to be able to stay in one spot, while visibly your right ski has decided to set off alone.

If children are not afraid to go headlong onto the slope, it’s harder for adults. Learning to ski as an adult requires more dexterity, more stress and self-control.

Whatever your age, when you are a beginner, learning to ski with an instructor is imperative. If some people make the “planted stick” a mechanical gesture it is also because it remains essential to turn. Of course, you quickly end up making it a barely perceptible gesture, but it is still essential. We keep repeating it.

So rather than looking for a ski-bar or ski-spa solution, dare to face your little demons and be guided by the instructor. A few hours with him is enough to understand the importance of transferring the weight on one leg and then on another. Learning to ski with an instructor, allows you to gain self-confidence and will make you give up the snowplough.

Once you have tamed staying in one spot, other sources of anxiety appear. Alone, facing the slope, your knees start wobbling. But once in the heat of the action, you realise that after all you have natural balance. The first bends follow one another as best as you can. And in any case, after a while or a bit longer, the bottom of the slope has been reached. And to think that you’re going to have to go back up. Here your great moments of loneliness are back, but how proud will you be when you get to the top. You didn’t even fall!

Learning to ski requires self-control, but in the end, it’s not harder than learning to ride a bike. All you have to do is take the plunge.

Why is it fun?
Because skiing is good for your health...
Because you love to watch pictures of falls over and over again...
Because you like to take a break to soak up the rays on the terrace.

The ski school awaits you