Snowshoeing at night

It's pure magic.

Snowshoe hikes, as we know, are a way of opening up to the tranquillity, to communion with nature, and to the discovery of purely fabulous places. In these expanses of immaculate snow you feel humbled. Hiking at night is another dimension, it’s pure magic.



Hiking at night,

it's another sensation

Moving in another dimension

Hiking on snowshoes at night means opening yourself up to other sensations that you don’t feel in daytime. Hiking on snowshoes at night is to move in another dimension. Gone are the reference points that you have during the day, at night you will be surprised by reliefs that you had not seen, by the slopes that you must approach differently. Talking about the sixth sense? At night, the 6th sense is automatically awakened for an even more fabulous nature discovery.

By evening, the starry sky has replaced the blue day sky.

From now on, you will need a headlamp to move between the fir trees up to the ridge overlooking the ski lifts. Far from the lights of the town of Chambéry or Montmélian that you can see in the distance, you discover your first hare tracks in the snow.

Being on the lookout for animals, noises, cries of the inhabitants of the forest is purely magical. Everything takes on a resonance that does not take place during the day.

And to end the evening

Night snowshoe outings usually take place from 5:30 pm, and yes, winter night falls very early. This still leaves time to share a convivial moment. Why not get together for a good fondue in a restaurant in the Collet resort? It’s a bit of a tradition after night snowshoeing, it’s so good and convivial.

Will you join us for the next outing?

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