Snowshoe discovery

of fauna tracks

What if today you left your skis in their locker to indulge in another snow sensation? Discovering animal tracks on snowshoes is a privileged moment.



An approach to nature

on snowshoes

An approach to nature on snowshoes

A playful and athletic activity, snowshoeing enables you to go anywhere thanks to their lightness and manoeuvrability. Quickly mastered, they let you move anywhere, in fields and forests alike. And it is precisely in the forest that discovering animal tracks on snowshoes is most interesting. Amidst this peaceful world you will see your first tracks of rabbits, birds or any other forest inhabitants.

A moment to share with the children

If in the vastness, snowshoes were a source of slides and a lot of fun for your children, the first tracks they saw really calmed them down. “Oh, mum look there, a track”, “dad, dad, there they lead to the river”. Careful not to destroy the tracks with the snowshoes, they remain reflective.

Fortunately, the guide who accompanies you is a true well of knowledge. And he will quickly capture everyone’s attention by talking about the life of the forest animals during these long winter months. Hiding behind shrubs, everyone will try to see who is responsible for those tracks.

And when light begins to fade, even if you didn’t spot a hare or a fox, you will all meet together to share a fondue or a mulled wine. At Le Collet, it’s a bit of a tradition after setting off on snowshoes to discover animal tracks.

Why is it fun?
Ideal with children
A breath of fresh air

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