Sharing a moment with Paco, the mascot

The kids love him!

Paco the squirrel, Le Collet mascot and friend of the children!




The ambassador of the Collet slopes

He’s the star at Le Collet, a real institution. The friend of young and old alike, Paco the Mascot is everywhere. Would you like to share a moment with Paco the Mascot? Nothing could be simpler, you just have to go for a walk on the slopes, to meet him there, especially in the afternoon. At Le Collet, there are many important moments to share with Paco the Mascot.

When you go out on the slopes, it’s not uncommon to see Paco appear. From mid-afternoon, sharing a moment with Paco the Mascot is accessible to everyone. Actually, he will join you on the slopes of Le Collet, for a descent and even agrees to shoot some selfies with you.

Although it’s said that all cats are grey at night, at Le Collet  squirrels are always red at night! Our friend Paco, the mascot, is never tired. He keeps skiing even at night. Another chance to share a moment with Paco, the mascot. Follow him on the slopes at night, but be careful not to let him out of your sight, he’s fast!

Share your memories with Paco the Mascot

Take some pictures with Paco the Mascot as a keepsake of your skiing days at Le Colle. He likes having selfies taken with him  and after grooming his coat shiny, he loves to strike a pose. You can also follow him on some videos in which he shows the slopes of Le Collet.

Why is it fun?
Have a souvenir of the holidays
Skiing with the resort mascot
The children's friend