Go ski touring

Escape into the wilderness

Far from the noise of the ski lifts, in this white vastness, seal skins bite the snow and the peaks are getting closer. Those that seemed invincible now become a daring challenge, full of promise.


Setting out to conquer

mountain tops

The hiking trails starting from Le Collet and the Belledonne massif are perfect for hikers in love with grandiose landscapes. Of course, engaging in off-piste routes always requires a professional assessment of the danger.

Ravenous for nature

Ski touring from Le Collet is for those who are eager for nature. First of all, you have to know how to make your mark in the powder snow or follow a track that was made the day before. Then the first lakes appear and get closer and closer, before giving way to the first passes. Here is the Occiput pass that appears. Superb landscapes, exceptional panoramas on the Bauges, the Chartreuse not to mention the Mont Blanc, how can you resist? How not to be ecstatic in view of so much beauty. Ski touring at Le Collet is knowing how to remain humble in front of such majesty and beauty.

Of course, ski touring is more physical than downhill skiing. Nevertheless, it remains accessible to all those who are able to sustain effort for several hours. But once you reach the top, the view will take your breath away. And when it’s time for the descent to the Collet, in such powdery and creamy snow, you forget how much effort you had to put in.

Why is it fun?
The silence
The taste for effort