Eating a fondue

For the pleasure of the taste buds

Gathering around a fondue with friends, family or just the two of you is an unforgettable moment, or even a must of a mountain holiday at Le Collet. Feeling the white wine tickling your nose, smelling the scent of cheese, frantically plunging your piece of bread into the pan, a wave of joy that warms your heart as much as your tummy.

If you lose your bread

you face a challenge

Savour a delicious speciality

After spending a whole day in the cold, descending the slopes of Le Collet, especially the red ones, it is time for relaxing. Pushing open the doors of the restaurants in the resort of Le Collet or the restaurant Le Very during night skiing, the scent of melted cheese makes your mouth water. You can feel the first bubbling of the cast iron pans on the tables of the restaurant and notice the joy that has taken hold of the guests. The effects of white wine? Only those of the Apremont or Roussette that clink in the glasses. That in the fondue has evaporated leaving only its sweet flavour in the cheese.


Purists or gourmets?

Purists will order the Savoyard Fondue with 3 cheeses: Emmental, Beaufort, Gruyère without hesitation at the Colletune. Gourmets will opt for the porcini mushroom fondue with its delicate and subtly woody flavours or other cheese blends. The even more gourmet will take an extra delicatessen. And what will you go for?

After sport, relaxation

Eating a fondue at Le Collet in winter is one of the must-do’s of skiing holidays. You have been cold, you have done well and when night falls on the resort, it’s difficult to stay in your studio when the resort of Le Collet is lively. Eating a fondue with your lover, family or friends is a privileged moment, a magical moment: the moment when everyone says to themselves that they’ve had a great day and that it’s time to chill out for a while.

Why is it fun?
Relaxing after skiing
Sharing a convivial moment
Taste a typical mountain dish
Find a restaurant

to enjoy a fondue meal