Drinking a Green Chaud

In moderation, of course!

When you stay not far from the Chartreuse massif, drinking a ‘hot green’ is a must, it’s almost mandatory: hot chocolate and green Chartreuse. That is a recipe that can triumph over the traditional mulled wine by far.



In cold weather

A Green Chaud

And off you go again!

The skiing day has just ended, night has fallen on the resort and tonight it’s the descent by torchlight. This bouquet of lights illuminating the slopes always triggers a lot of emotions. It is also a very convivial moment which often ends with drinking Green Chaud. You can’t avoid it, it’s a little tradition welcome drink tradition in the ski resorts.

If you think it’s a bit strong, that’s normal. It’s totally different from mulled wine, as this is a liqueur. And not just any liqueur, but green Chartreuse, an institution here, with a secret recipe, developed by Carthusian monks. A subtle and secret plants blend from our surrounding mountains.

A Green Chaud is much more than just a hot drink. Above all, it’s a convivial moment, the moment when you discover the soul of the Collet resort. Of course, you can meet the veterans, the oldest instructors of the ESF who will tell you the history of the resort from the time when there was only one chairlift. And then there is also the manager of the sports shop who will tell you “come to the shop tomorrow, we’ll change your skis”.

Drinking a Green Chaud at Collet d’Allevard means stopping time and perfectly fitting in with the locals of the resort.

So, will you join us for a toast?

Why is it fun?
It warms up in cold weather
Traditional and convivial
Followed by a restaurant, a nice evening guaranteed.