Discover the snowy trails

snowshoeing at Le Collet

When you are in the mountains, one of the simple and easy pleasures for everyone is to discover the snowy trails on snowshoes. Day or night, exploring the immensity of the trails of the Le Collet resort provides a real feeling of freedom.


in complete freedom

Fresh air and totally pure nature, that’s what awaits you on the snowy trails with snowshoes. Both energetic and relaxed, snowshoe outings on the trails are surprising. They are romantic and wild at the same time. Nature offers itself to you, right there under your feet, in all its beauty. In the sun, the snow glistens with a thousand sparkles and the snow crunches under your feet.  Further on, the trail takes you through a forest of fir trees. Here you can see some traces of birds and rabbits.

Trails for all tastes

In this immaculate vastness, everything contributes to ecstasy, to escape. Each trail unveils its treasures to those wishing to discover them as they wish and to their abilities. Departing from Le Collet, the wetlands circuit will bring you clean, fresh air for 2 hours in a rather wooded panorama. The Eagle’s Nest walk starting from Malatrait is a red level snowshoe hike with 200 metres altitude difference. Between 2 clearings in the forest, it offers a beautiful view of the peaks of Belledonne, such as the Grand Charnier. You can also see the Chartreuse massif or the Lake of Flumet.

In total, there are 4 loops that allow you to discover the snowy trails with snowshoes. 4 routes that will give you a feeling of freedom facing those fantastic panoramas.

And there, alone (or almost) in the middle of nowhere, you will become aware of the beauty and power of nature.


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