Visit the resort in a horse-drawn carriage


Do you want to enjoy a new experience at the end of your day on the slopes? Take off your skis and make way for romance. Slowly ride through the resort at the horses’ pace and visit Le Collet in a horse-drawn carriage. Every day during the school holidays, the resort is steeped in romance with options for horse-drawn carriage rides.




Discover horse-drawn carriages

At the horse's quiet pace

Once the skis are stowed in their lockers, it is time to take a walk and explore the resort. It is on the Terrasses du Collet that your carriage awaits. Nounours, the superb horse is impatient to set off. Horse-drawn carriage visits of the resort are is a first here.

Once comfortably installed, the carriage starts to move. Under the trotting steps of your horse you can hear the snow crunching. All around you, silence overwhelms you and you can hear the muffled sound of Nounours’ steps in the snow. The swaying of the carriage, the muffled noise and the marvellous landscape that surrounds you are conducive to relaxation.





A moment of relaxation

In addition to sharing this activity with family or friends, visiting the resort in a horse-drawn carriage is also a chance to relax. You move, quietly without any rush, at the pace of the horses. Around you, the sun warms you up or alternatively you watch the snow fall. Helpless, but so happy. This is also what’s great about discovering the resort of Le Collet in a horse-drawn carriage.

Guided by your faithful steed Nounours, you discover the most beautiful gems of the resort. Far from all the hustle and bustle you simply take the time to live.

So for Valentine’s Day –of course- or for the end of the year celebrations, don’t miss out, the horse-drawn carriage ride is a must.

Why is it fun?
The children enjoy
It's romantic
The view is superb