Reach the peaks by chairlift

And be seduced by the landscape...

There are those moments when you think that technology and mechanics are good. Reaching the peaks by chairlift is one of those precious moments. To think that it only takes 6 minutes or 10-12 minutes to get to the highest point of the resort, whereas on foot it would probably take 1 or 2 hours is unsurpassed. Of course, it’s feasible, hardcore hikers will surely do it. But to reach the peaks by mountain bike, or if you’re not big on walking, it’s still much more practical.

Get some height

And admire the landscape that opens itself to you...

To access more and more nature

Why deprive yourself from accessing the peaks by chairlift, when you can easily reach the Col de Claran or Les Plagnes. In summer, it is the occasion to quickly reach the paragliding flight tracks, the hiking trails or the mountain bike tracks. Les Plagnes is the focal point of many activities. It is the place where all those who tame nature, each in their own way, meet.

You can’t walk too long or the climb takes too much effort? Is this a reason to miss out on the fauna and flora of the Belledonne massif? Is it a reason not to go and admire the magnificent corners of the 2000 path which will allow you to go down easily to the resort?

Discover wonderful panoramas

If you want to enjoy a magnificent view of the surrounding peaks, no problem. You have to board the Claran chairlift. In just a few minutes and in the greatest of comfort, you will be dropped off at 2140m at the top of Les Plagnes. It is the only way to reach the tops of the slopes located at the highest point of the resort. 6 minutes, during which you can admire the panorama. The Bauges massif, the Aravis massif and over there in the distance, the one that stands proudly overlooking all the others: the Mont-Blanc.


In summer, reaching the peaks by chairlift creates a strong emotion. It gives you the freedom to go up where you would not go on foot. Being in front of all these peaks takes your breath away. It is difficult to remain insensitive to those steep peaks, to those tops that play with the clouds. How can you remain impassive when you admire a sunset behind the surrounding massifs, when everything suddenly ignites to take on delicious colours.

With special rates for using the chairlifts in summer, it would be a shame to deprive yourself of such a magnificent sight.

Why is it fun?
Getting an eyefull
To reach the peaks without getting tired
A real breath of fresh air