Surpass yourself on a legendary trail route

Go at your own pace

If the Belledonne Massif is an incredible playground for many hikers, for the trailers, it is the place of all exploits. The crossing of Belledonne is a mythical trail itinerary.

L'echappée Belle

The most eagerly awaited event by all trailers, the Échappée Belle is the trail where everyone will want to surpass themselves on a very tough trail route. 144 kms, 11000 metres of positive difference in altitude to cross the whole Belledonne massif from Vizille to Aiguebelle.

For adventure lovers :


On the Échappée Belle trail, trail enthusiasts are not to be outdone. The route is technical and demanding. Steep paths, passes at over 2000 metres, a succession of gradients, slopes with significant percentages, it’s beautiful, but you really have to give it your all. On the other hand, the landscapes are grandiose! No fewer than 30 lakes and 4 panoramic crests line this legendary trail route. The majority of this route takes the new and spectacular GR 738.


An environment full of surprises

With l’Échappée Belle, you will have to surpass yourself on a legendary trail route in an environment full of surprises. If the first moments of the route take place in mountain pastures with sometimes torrent crossings or clashes with roots, soft or rolling ground in the forest sections, the high altitude parts offer another scenario. Arrival in a mineral world where you jump from boulder to boulder, and scree slopes, moraines give access to magnificent ridges that reward you with a breathtaking panorama.

Why is it fun?
To surpass yourself
Getting an eye full
Always higher