Riding a new and spectacular GR

Diving into the heart of Belledonne

When you love the mountains and hiking, you are always eager for long hikes and new trails to explore. When you face the Belledonne Massif with its steep teeth and steep peaks, there is only one wish that keeps nagging you: crossing the Belledonne from one side to the other. With the shepherds’ path and the new GR® 738, this is now possible.

The great adventure

on rough country trails

The High Crossing of Belledonne

It took many years of work and refurbishment to gain access to this spectacular new GR® 738. So here we are on the famous GR® 738, also known as the shepherds’ path. It must be said that the Belledonne Massif is also famous for its sheep that graze peacefully in the mountain pastures. There will be lots of chances to cross sheep on these 110 km and the 11 stages of this new and spectacular GR® 738. Starting for example from Chamrousse, we quickly reach a landscape that has everything of a glacial landscape: large polished slabs, morainic tongues, water gushing out of who knows where, the first lakes appear before your eyes.

From refuge to refuge

 Of course, the high crossing of Belledonne via the Shepherds’ Trail, necessarily involves overnight stays in a refuge. The very first ones encountered on the GR® 738 are the refuge de la Pra and the Jean Collet refuge. Between the 2 refuges, the balcony paths will let you discover fantastic places such as the Lac du Crozet below the Col de la Pra, which stands out by its immensity. After the lakes,  the ibexes will surprise you and proudly wonder how we. humans, cannot cross this bar of pebbles. Don’t let the wild advance in the scree make you forget to admire the fabulous landscape. Below, the Grésivaudan valley spreads out, giving way to the Vercors on one side and the Massif des Bauges on the other.

Spectacular stages

Although the first days are spectacular by the vastness of these landscapes which capture you, each stage still delivers its part of magnificence. The passes follow each another and are not very similar, giving way to valleys and other lakes. The Grandes Rousses, the Allevard massif, the pas de la Coche, the Eau Dolle valley, each stage gives us the impression of being the master of the world.

In the end, this new GR® 738 is spectacular, it looks like a GR 20 and takes you from Vizille to Aiguebelle over uneven terrain with sometimes substantial differences in altitude. But the beauty of the crossing from Belledonne to Allevard country is worth getting your jersey and socks a little wet.

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