Picking mushrooms

Open your eyes wide!
©Nice porcini mushroom in sunny wood. Autumn mushrooms grow in forest. Natural raw food growing. Edible cep, vegetarian natural organic meal

Walking in the forest creates many sensations, some of which are new to some people. The scents of moss reach your nostrils, you notice some traces in the slightly muddy ground and you discover that there are many birds singing. And then when your eyes look at the ground, they are attracted by a small ball. And there, miracle! You find your first mushroom.

The moment of discovery

Finding a mushroom is a little bit like finding a present under the Christmas tree as a child. There’s a mixture of excitement, apprehension and fear of breaking it at the same time. Collecting mushrooms is a bit the same thing.

First you feel the excitement of the first mushroom you find, because they hide well, the little scoundrels, and then immediately afterwards you feel the doubt. Is it edible? Is it a good or a bad mushroom? Boletes, death trumpets, chanterelles, morels are the ones you can recognise most easily without running the slightest risk.

An outing in the daylight

If you want to pick mushrooms, you have to set your alarm clock, otherwise the people of Allevard and the surrounding area will have passed there before you. The best thing to do is to park your car in a car park on the edge of the forest around Collet d’Allevard. Observe the places where cars are parked: near the hiking departures it’s not the right place, far from the yellow signs, mushroom lovers are not far away! Unfortunately, we never divulge our corners. A bag, a knife, and you are ready for the picking.

Then, no surprise, you have to go deep into the forest. Following the path will not do much good, mushrooms rarely grow there. On the other hand, go into the woods, preferably where the ground is damp and moss is present. You will probably have a better chance of finding some.

Why is it fun?
Escape into the great outdoors
Taste the fruit of your harvest
Doing an activity as a family