My first night in a refuge

The silence and the stars...
©Happy couple of travelers is sitting at a wooden table against a window in frosty patterns and drinking coffee - awesome morning in an old mountain shelter during a winter adventure.

Your first night in the refuge is a moment you will remember a long time. The environment, the benevolence of the keeper, the landscapes that you see nowhere else, your first night in a refuge will mark you by the rarity of this moment. The Pierre du Carre refuge near Le Collet is one of these precious places.

Going up and down the mountain

and regain a taste for the natural

Please note that Refuge de la Pierre du Carre is closed for the Summer season 2021

When you arrive at the Pierre du Carre refuge while walking through the mountain pastures of Le Collet, you are immediately surprised by the welcome of Guylain and Patricia, two mountain lovers who guard the refuge from mid-June to mid-September. The good scent of the meal prepared with local produce instantly hits us. A lot of people meet there: families going up from Le Collet resort for a first night in the refuge, hikers who take the new GR 738 or who go around Allevard or the trailers of the Echappée Belle. You will immediately notice those who are used to spending nights in a refuge compared to those who spend their first night in a refuge: they discuss itineraries with the wardens, talk about their day and know that here you go to bed early.

Outside these periods the refuge is accessible by reservation on 0476975024.

Your first night at the shelter is always strange. In spite of the tiredness of the day, because you had to arrive at the refuge from the Collet, sleep is long to come. Surely, the excitement of being so high up or the images of the fabulous landscapes that continue to appear on the eyelids. And then you have to go to bed early and that’s a bit harder, but next day’s hike to the Grand Charnier and its wonderful views is well worth the sacrifice.

Spending your first night at the refuge doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go further or even higher. You can simply choose to explore the surroundings of the refuge. Around the refuge, take the time to observe the orchids (the quantity of wild orchids is impressive, there can be so many of all species), cotton grass or simply take a quiet and silent time to watch out for groundhogs.

What about you? When is your first night at the refuge?

Why is it fun?
It's refreshing
to disconnect from the daily routine
It appeals to young and old alike