Your wishes

Move out into the fresh air

and experience new sensationss

Enjoying nature to move around outdoors. In the air and on the ground, feel new sensations and engage in new sports. Live nature to the fullest and breathe in a deep breath of fresh air.

Challenging the slopes

on strange machines.

Whizz down the ski slopes on TT scooters (all terrain scooters). Avoid stumps and roots in the forest, take the trails at full speed, breathe in the fresh air. Be exhilarated by the speed while remaining stable on your strange machine. Experience the thrill of gliding and moving in the fresh air.

Climbing to the top

Have a wonderful workout for the Beautiful Escape. Make a trail on the summits of Belledonne, from pass to pass, from crest to crest. While waiting for the 144 km complete crossing, go through the stages one by one for the pleasure of moving in the wide open air while enjoying the wonderful landscapes. Set off for the south – north crossing, from Vizille to Aiguebelle. Each stage will be a small victory in itself with always marvellous landscapes in the background.

Cycling on the detours of the trails

Go cycling around Le Collet to discover Belledonne. Feel free as a bird with friends, family, as a couple. Head for the signposted routes such as the Balcons de Belledonne. Try your hand at mountain biking and electric mountain bikes and surpass yourself. The crest of the Plagnes via the Pierre du Carre refuge, the Col des Mouilles in a loop via Pré Marcel, pedalling along the turns and twists of the paths.


Spend the night

in a bivouac

Exceed your limits, push back your fears to defy weightlessness. Learn to paraglide or fly alone from Malatrait or Les Plagnes. Fly over Belledonne and its most beautiful places and feel as free as a bird. Flying in complete freedom.

Others wishes

Experiencing the mountains, doing activities with your family, moving in the open air…be carried away by your wishes for moments of relaxation to be shared together.

Live experiences

Made in Collet

Let's go!

The best addresses for a family stay

Manger, dormir… c’est le nerf de la guerre quand on part en famille ! Détendez-vous : les hébergements sélectionnés vous garantissent un séjour avec vos enfants en toute tranquillité. Quant aux restaurants, ils mettent tout en œuvre pour vous simplifier la vie !