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Hiking from refuge to refuge

Discovering the Belledonne Massif

Along the routes, the mountain reinvents itself. Sometimes with mountain pastures, sometimes with forest paths, sometimes much more rough and hostile with passages on large scree slopes. But there is one thing in common: spectacular landscapes. Hiking from refuge to refuge to go around Belledonne, to discover the mountain at its most beautiful.


Take off on

a spectacular GR

along the trails

Set off on a spectacular, new GR with the most grandiose scenery. 111 kilometres to be covered over a week on the GR 738. Reach Vizille in Aiguebelle and spend every day hiking from refuge to refuge. Accumulating positive altitude differences, going over passes, following paths on balconies to finish the evening with a good meal in a refuge. Consistent, delicious, for an invigorating moment while sharing memories of the day.

Benefit from the experience of

refuge wardens

The caretaker of the refuge is the soul of the place. Take advantage of his experience, his sound advice for the choice of routes. The weather conditions do not lend themselves to running, the chosen itinerary is not the most appropriate, trust his experience. Knowing that someone is waiting for us, up there in the most remote part of the mountain, is reassuring.

Relax, tomorrow you will have to leave to go to another refuge.

A new experience

in an exceptional setting

To see the sunrise behind the Vercors, the Chartreuse or the Aravis massif, to meet an ibex there at 2 metres. To be overcome by a strong emotion. Hiking from refuge to refuge is experiencing the mountain in its simplest and most natural state. It means accepting to be cut off from everything, but above all it means accepting to find yourself. It means accepting to let go to surpass yourself and live intensely. Enjoy, you are in the middle of the mountains.



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Experiencing the mountains, doing activities with your family, moving in the open air…be carried away by your wishes for moments of relaxation to be shared together.

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