The opening of the chairlifts in summer

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As we all know, attracting holidaymakers to the resort in summer also involves the activities on offer. At Le Collet, our mountain also attracts hiking and mountain bike enthusiasts. That’s why our chairlifts are also open in summer to bring you easily reach the top of the slopes.

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Chairlifts for mountain bikes

When you like to zoom down the ski slopes of Le Collet by mountain bike, get the thrill of the turns and repeat the experience many times, you have to go back up the slopes first. The opening of the chairlifts in summer gives you the chance to multiply the runs.

The chairlifts will be open in July and August and if the weather conditions are favourable of course.

  • The Claran chairlift : the opening of the chairlift in summer is usually at the end of the morning on certain days of the week. With the chairlift of Claran, you can easily reach Les Plagnes at 2100 m.
  • The Tufs chairlift: the opening of the chairlift in summer is the same as that of the Tufs chairlift.

If you wish to rent scooters, the price of the chairlift ride is included in the rental price.

Access to the chairlift ride

Taking a chairlift in summer to go hiking from down in Le Collet can sometimes be very wise. It can even avoid tiredness if you are a little less fit. So, in the end, why deprive yourself of it if you want to go higher?

Accessing the Col de Claran from the bottom of the Collet resort is feasible for good walkers, but can also be tedious. As for the Claran chairlift, it takes only a few minutes to reach 2100 m at the site of Les Plagnes. From there, access to the Col de Claran becomes child’s play. It also allows you to take the children on a hike by simply going down the path to the Super Collet.

The opening of the chairlifts in summer also gives everyone the chance to simply go up to admire the panorama. Who would refuse to go up to see the Mont Blanc? Apart from the Mont-Blanc you will also have a magnificent view of the Massif des Bauges or the Massif de Chartreuse.

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