The Comba d'Autrafé Museum

in Lancey

Not to be missed when staying at Le Collet, the Comba d’Autrafé museum is located in the outbuildings of the former château de la Combe de Lancey. A rural museum of popular art and traditions, it is a real well of information about the life of the people living at the foot of the Belledonne massif and in the Grésivaudan valley.

In the footsteps of our ancestors

A moving testimony

At the heart of this museum, 5 pieces retrace the life of the residents of the Combe de Lancey with passion and truthfulness. You will discover objects and touching testimonies which are experienced as a true homage to the men and women who populate the Grésivaudan valley and more precisely the Combe de Lancey.

Not far from the Collet resort, this museum is designed to immerse us in 5 different worlds: the activities of the past which have now disappeared, such as glove-making, clog-making, hemp growing, daily life and housing, nature with a focus on geology and fauna, mountain agriculture and village life, particularly from 14/18 to the time of Monseigneur Dupanloup.

A rich collection

The Comba d’Autrafé museum not far from Le Collet resort has a rich collection of 1300 objects. Each of them relates to a specific period or activity. Thus, in a true educational and pedagogical approach, you will learn how to braid a hemp rope, to card and spin sheep’s wool. Because to know the life of the people in the Combe de Lancey, it is necessary to discover these objects of the daily life of the past. An exciting way to discover the life of the people in the Combe ‘Autrefois’ (times gone by)  or rather in the Comba Autrafé.

A museum that can be visited with the family or in a group, with the possibility of a guided tour.

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