Forges and Mills of Pinsot

in Pinsot

Why not delve into the exciting history of the iron industry and the mills of days gone by? The museum of the forges and mills in Pinsot, plunges you back into local history, the jewel in the crown of the economy of the Grésivaudan valley. An educational visit that allows everyone to take an interest in the life of workers and farmers.

In the footsteps of the blacksmiths

Be guided by the sound of the millstone grinding the wheat into flour or the nuts into oil. Be surprised by the sound of the hammer hitting the iron to transform it. The forges and mills of Pinsot open a real parenthesis on history by faithfully retracing the actions of the past. The history of carpentry, the movements of the craftsmen of the past, young and old alike will be moved by these slices of life.

A discovery trail

A visit to the forges and mills of Pinsot is above all a discovery walk at the heart of the Belledonne massif. Installed near the Gleizin torrent, the forges and mills can be the starting point for a walk not far from the Collet d’Allevard and in the Allevard country. The “iron path” is a most rewarding family outing. Through the forest, 13 stages help you to go back in time and with a little luck even to find an iron ore or quartz. This 4 km trail is a real 2h30 escape that gives you the chance to be with your family in a lavish setting.

Art Exhibitions

Blending history with contemporary art, the museum also hosts contemporary exhibitions of young artists who work with iron to make works of art.

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