Working on your orientation (Orientation course)

And enjoying nature

Reading an IGN map, orientating yourself naturally in the great outdoors, finding the obligatory waypoints, if some people consider the orientation course as an ordeal, at Le Collet, working on your orientation becomes great fun.


your heads and legs work

Under the sun of our mountains

With all due respect to some people, orienteering, the C.O. for initiated, is a real sport and one of the most complete. Running, walking, overcoming obstacles, not to mention moments of intense reflection, organising a family outing to Le Collet or in the vicinity to work on your orientation is a real moment of leisure.

Map, signpost, compass, on your way to your orienteering circuit. Working on your orientation with a map and a compass during a stay at Le Collet: there is nothing like it to sharpen your children’s sense of direction. What fun it is to walk in nature in search of the signpost and your own path to reach the relay points. Finding the identifying element noted on your map in a real setting generates interest and can even create real excitement.

The orienteering course is suitable for everyone. It is not uncommon to cross a quiet family on your way who just want to work on their orienteering skills and others who want to turn this moment into a real orienteering race and are totally into it.

Most of the time, take the time to observe the landscapes of Le Collet and to do your orientation course like a treasure hunt: a map, a compass, markers to find and a punch card.

In the same spirit, not far from the resort of Le Collet, in Les 7 Laux, you can also try your hand at disc golf. This orienteering course will also require you to have the skill to throw frisbee-like projectiles into the baskets.

Apart from working on your orientation, the aim of this type of activity is above all to get some fresh air, to discover spots around Le Collet that you didn’t know before and to get the children to lift their nose up from their smartphone.

Back to real life!

Why is it fun?
It's a great family activity
It's a great family activity Ideal time to watch the fauna and flora
Having a family picnic.