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Doing outdoor activities without mum and dad

Managing like a big boy

Summer, when school is out and mum and dad are still working, is a time for leisure centres, it’s buddy time, and it’s a time for outdoor activities without mum and dad. Le Collet and the surrounding area is a great place for children. They discover nature through the activities.

Find your way with a compass

Show agility

Taking part in an orienteering course means learning how to find your way on a map. It means finding your way in the heart of the forest and showing team spirit. Having recognised all the markers and feeling proud to have taken up the challenge.

Discover a natural website

Tree-top climbing is a must to show your agility and do an outdoor activity without mum and dad. Successfully passing obstacles, sometimes overcoming fear and feeling proud. Crossing the levels one after the other and managing to pass all the proposed courses.

Learn to discover the natural environment around us, to respect natural resources such as fauna and flora. Themed workshops are organised by associations to make children aware of the environment and the ecosystem that surrounds them.


Other wishes?

Experiencing the mountains, doing activities with your family, moving around in the open air…be carried away by your wishes for moments of relaxation to be shared.

Live experiences

Made in Collet

Let's go!

The best addresses for a family stay

Eating, sleeping… it’s the crux when you go away as a family! Relax: the selected accommodations guarantee you a stay with your children in complete peace and quiet. As for the restaurants, they do everything they can to make your life easier!