La Terrasse lake

In La Terrasse

Highly appreciated as much for its natural environment as for its amenities or its nautical base, the Lac de la Terrasse is the perfect place to cool off with the family. Not far from the Collet d’Allevard, it will be an ideal spot to relax on a sunny day.

A place

to be discovered as a family

A friendly place

The Lac de la Terrasse, located at the foot of the Belledonne massif and only 30 km away from the Collet d’Allevard, is much more than just a lake. It is a true peaceful haven that allows families to enjoy a supervised swim – for greater safety – and to take advantage of a real sandy beach. People come here to admire the view of the Chartreuse massif, to let their hair down and to bathe in one of the purest waters of the valley, fed directly by the water table of the Isère river.

A real leisure base

The other advantage of going on a family outing to Lac de la Terrasse is that it is a real leisure base. Its great strength lies in its inflatables and its activities range. Thus, you will be seduced by the Aqua Bim Bim, those big electric buoys armed with water pistols, or by the Blop Jump for the daredevils. The Blop Jump is a type of big catapult that allows you to make giant jumps from one spot to another. Those who prefer traditional activities will opt for a paddle ride on the lake. Whatever the choice, everyone will have a great day.

Complete amenities

In addition to inflatables and other water activities, the Lac de la Terrasse also welcomes you with shaded areas for picnics. You will also find a restaurant for family lunches that will delight everyone with the variety of the menu.

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