Gardens and Castles of Touvet

in Le Touvet

Considered one of the prettiest tourist spots near the Le Collet resort, the gardens and castle of Le Touvet will charm you with their idyllic setting. Dating back to the 18th century, the Château du Touvet is a lovely place for a family outing, which is also very popular in summer for its coolness and the beauty of its gardens.

A jewel

of the Grésivaudan valley

A park of several hectares

Designed and laid out in 1750, the gardens of the Château du Touvet offer visitors 5 hectares of greenery. Pruned yews, boxwood beds and other plants form a lavish setting. It is not uncommon for this place to become the ideal setting for wedding photos. In addition to the plants, the gardens of the castle are laid out with a large Italian-style water stairway fed directly by the Chartreuse torrents, and several basins and fountains of all kinds. These water features provide a pleasant coolness, especially in the summer heat.

Among the curiosities of the gardens are the countess’s walled garden, the rose garden, the undergrowth, the vegetable garden and the orchard.

A period castle

Belonging to a private family, the Château du Touvet offers visitors decorations dating from the 18th century, discernible for example by the beauty of the drapes, the refinement of the inlaid parquet floors or the delicacy of the painted woodwork. You will then discover all the splendour of the Dauphiné nobility of the time.

Listed as a “historical monument”, the Château du Touvet and its gardens designed by the Count of Marcieu is child-friendly with the treasure hunt organised in the garden. A good way to restore interest in this visit which could seem boring to them. Let them take off in search of a forgotten figure, the gardener’s tools or clues scattered here and there.

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