Fort Barraux

in Barraux

Majestically dominating the whole Grésivaudan valley, Fort Barraux defies time and remains one of the last striking fortifications in the region. Built in the way of Italian defensive places, this bastion was erected at the request of the first Duke of Savoy, Charles Emmanuel, by Ercole Negro. Rebuilt and redesigned over time, it is to Vauban that we owe its current shape.

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A real attraction, Fort Barraux is a wonderful place for a walk that will seduce adults and children alike.

A must-see walk in the vicinity of the Collet d’Allevard, Fort Barraux served as a deterrent against possible attacks, positioning itself as a real guardian of the Grésivaudan. Over the course of history, it has fulfilled several missions, ranging from garrison sites to arms depots and military and civilian prisons. In the 18th century, two barracks and a chapel were added to it.

Visits for all

It is possible to visit the fort from May to September with a departure at 3pm for a guided tour lasting between 1h30 and 2 hours. With a height of 25 m, 4 drawbridges and 5 km of ramparts, this fort will immerse everybody in the past.

When the days are mild, the walk around the ramparts to admire the fortified walls is a real treat for all history and fortifications fans. The visit is free for children under 12 years, making it a very suitable outing for families.

Access from Le Collet is very easy, as it can be reached from the A41 at Pontcharra.

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