Whereas the Grésivaudan valley is known for its economic activity based on the processing and extraction of iron, it is also known for its activity linked to hydro-electricity. The paper mills of Lancey created by Aristide Bergès are proof of this. Visiting the White Coal Museum – Maison Bergès when staying at Le Collet is a must.

In the footsteps of our ancestors

An authentic museum

For many people, this museum located in Villard-Bonnot, not far from the Collet resort, will be perceived as a gem. You will not only discover rich collections related to the paper industry, hydro-electricity and hydraulic energy (white coal), but you will also find yourself projected into the intimate world of the Bergès family.

Secondly, the Houille Blanche – Maison Bergès museum is characterised by the major presence of Art Nouveau, with numerous works by the painter and graphic designer Alfons Mucha.

A museum instilled with a family soul

What makes the charm of a visit to the Musée de la Houille Blanche – Maison Bergès near Le Collet, are all those photos and memories related to the Bergès family. On the one hand, we find ourselves projected in the heart of their family environment, to discover the life of this man at the origin of this industrial revolution, and we can also treat ourselves to a trip into the industrial era. Many objects related to the paper mill and hydro-electricity are mixed with those of the Bergès’ daily life.

Educational workshops

If you come from Le Collet with the family, the children will enjoy the educational workshops and the experiments to be carried out. The best way to plunge into the world of science and technology in a fun way.

Finally, the park provides a pastoral park for strolling or picnicking not far from Le Collet.

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