Avalon Tower

In Saint-Maximin

Visible from afar with its 33 metres height, the Tower of Avalon is one of the precious relics of the 14th century. Standing in the very first reinforcements of the Belledonne massif, the Tour d’Avalon is a must-see in the Grésivaudan valley. It is also one of the starting points for hikes in the Haut Breda valley.


A major historical monument

Classified a historical monument, the Tour d’Avalon is one of the treasures of the historical heritage of Haut Bréda and the Grésivaudan Valley. We owe its construction to the Carthusian fathers who built it on the ruins of a feudal castle from the year 1000 belonging to the Wallon-Romestang d’Avalon family. Built in ashlar and limestone rubble, it also includes a neo-Byzantine style chapel. It has 3 levels and a machicolated terrace. The inside diameter of the tower is 8m.

A symbol of power for the masters of the place, this tower of Avalon also played the role of stronghold.

On the way to the tops

Once your visit to the tops is over, why not go hiking in the Grésivaudan valley. The côteaux de Saint-Maximin along the Breda are among the most popular hiking spots. An easy hike that will only take you half a day and can be done with the whole family.

If you still have a little time left, make a stop along the way to visit another must-see in the Grésivaudan valley: Fort Barraux.

Emblematic places that lovers of old stones should not miss under any circumstance. Easily accessible to children, the tower of Avalon must absolutely be part of your travel diary from the Collet resort.

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