Families and children

Family activities


Walking along the hiking trails, looking for animal traces, discovering the old stones in the surrounding area, in Belledonne, everything is conducive to family activities.

Flying like Icarus

Climb the rack and pinion aboard one of the oldest funiculars in France and reach the Saint-Hilaire du Touvet flight base. A timeless moment that offers a breathtaking view of the Grésivaudan valley. At the summit, paragliders take off free like Icarus. For others, it’s a chance to discover the Icarus Laboratory and learn about the law of weightlessness. Spend the day with your family in a majestic site.

Living a

medieval adventure 

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Time travel guaranteed with Fort Barraux and the Tour d’Avalon. The first, an ancient bastion and prison that protected the valley from possible assailants. The Tour d’Avalon, an old medieval castle. Relive the history of the noble knights whose presence in the Grésivaudan valley dates back to the year 1000with your family. These 2 historical relics are emblems of the Grésivaudan valley. Will you try to launch the assault?

Recharge your batteries by the lake

Take the picnic or fishing rod with you. Challenge yourself on the inflatable modules or lounge on the beach. Make the most of the leisure facilities at the Lac de la Terrasse or Lac de la Mirande. Dip your feet in the water with your head turned towards the mountain. Propel yourself from the giant catapult, shoot with a water pistol from the giant buoy, dare the aquafun modules. Let yourself be lulled by the gentle summer atmosphere and the smell of French fries from the snack bar.

Finding your way with a compass

Use a compass to find your bearings in the woods. Rely on your orientation, but mainly on the elements found on a map. Complete the whole route as a family for a great moment full of emotion. Finish the course in the time allotted and having passed all the markers. Orienteering courses activate team spirit, forge experience and allow you to do activities as a family.

Discover animal tracks

Discovering animal tracks

Enter the forest without making any noise. Watch for any movement to try to see a fox, hare or any other forest animal. Try to recognise the tracks left in the snow. Put on snowshoes and participate in family hikes to discover animal tracks.


The best addresses for a family stay

Eating, sleeping… it’s the crux when you go away as a family! Relax: the selected accommodations guarantee you a peaceful stay with your children. As for the restaurants, they do everything they can to make your life easier!